Road of the Future

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A roadway made out of a hard material that is connected in squares. If a repair is needed, you replace the squares instead of the entire roadway. They can be heated through geo thermal so roadway never freezes. No more salt or chemicals. They can be lit up to show an accident or broken down cars ahead signaling for traffic to move over to open lane. All kinds of arrows, markers, text, symbols giving drivers information they need. Grooves can he added to channel away water. I have only shown 2 possibilities for this project, but the possibilities are endless. Walls can be put up to stop crossovers from one direction to another. New material can be found for auto tires since weather would no longer be a problem. Different materials could be used for road and tires to keep from scraping the surface of the roadway.


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    Martin Mathis
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    Quality tech
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    Traveling and having been caught in traffic and waiting for lanes to clear.
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