Motorcycle Lifting Trolley Jack

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There was a long felt need to provide a simple and economic trolley unit, for the roadside garage mechanic which is unequivocally efficient for lifting a motorcycle with ease and comfort for its servicing and maintenance. The present embodiment herein provides a trolley unit, which lifts the motorcycle with ease and without the need of any batteries or electrical energy supply. Once the motorcycle is lifted the trolley unit attached on the lifting jack can move or revolve the motorcycle in 360 degrees in a small confined space. This proposal is a modern alternative to stationary or fixed scissor jacks used in the maintenance or service centres of companies. The lead screw arrangement requires low maintenance for operation compared to huge and costly Air compressor units used in industry. The specialised locator pins on the jack lock the motorcycle in its place while in air. The operator gets more space to work around underneath the motorcycle for operations such as oil change.


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    Kunal Kashyap
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    The design was inspired by the problems faced by roadside mechanics to service a two wheeler in a confined space. I have witnessed the mechanics leaning a heavy motorcycle on to their body due to lack of space creating a safety hazard for themselves. This idea allows the mechanic to service the bike on the jack and once the work is done, easily rotate the vehicle while on the jack using the industrial grade castor wheels in 180 degrees in confined space to remove it out of his/her shop.
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    ANSYS, Solidworks
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