SafRSEATS (Mass Transit Vehicle Seat Belt Restraint System)

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The SafRSEATS Seat Belt Restraint System was conceived with the goal of retrofitting mass transit vehicles, especially school buses and tour buses, with a secure and cost-effective seat belt restraint system to increase passenger safety, in particularly children who primarily ride on school buses and elderly individuals who are overwhelmingly the majority of passengers on tour buses. There are currently an untold number of these vehicles in use today that do not have any type of restraint system in place.

NHTSA statistics reveal the fact that injuries could be reduced by 77% if a seatbelt restraint system were in place on school buses, motor coaches, mass transit vehicles, and the like if involved in an accident. Further research reveals there are numerous seat belt restraint systems currently available for installation but the per unit installation cost, that currently averages $240, is the main factor that is prohibiting the mass retrofit of existing mass transit vehicles. Additionally, many of systems available require unit attachment to the floor. This is not a requirement for SafeRSeats which reduces the per unit installation cost considerably.

SafRSEATS' design incorporates many of the same design features of currently available restraint systems, but the configuration is totally independent of those designs because of the manner of deployment. Another positive aspect of the design is some components are constructed from materials harvested from recycled rubber tires which are an environmental hazard and eyesore in many landfills today. In a related story, the NHTSA has recently announced their recommendation that seat belts be installed on all school buses. The potential market for a product such as SafRSEATS is astronomical. Please go to this link to read the story:


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