See-through Heavy Vehicle

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Highway and road accidents occur frequently everywhere due to a number of different reasons. But the most common reason is overtaking with high speeds. Many times very heavy trucks, trailers, containers, Volvo buses move with steady speed. Due to impatience many small car drives gets irritated and trying to overtake heavy vehicles by over speeding and quickly. During such time they never noticed other vehicles approaching towards them from other lane. As a result, they collide and unfortunately accidents occur.

To avoid such accidents we propose a novel idea with available resources such as a good vision camera, recorder and LCD screen. This concept would be implemented by fixing a vision camera on the front side at the top of a heavy vehicle. This might help the car drivers to view the traffic conditions ahead of the heavy truck which can be seen on the LCD screen which is fitted at the back side of the heavy vehicle. With this arrangement drivers of other smaller vehicles and cars who wanted to overtake the heavy truck and vehicles can easily view the other traffic in front of the truck before overtaking. Infrared camera may also be used to see the traffic ahead of the heavy vehicle in the nighttime. Recording facility inside truck may record all activities on the road such as which vehicle is overtaking, accidents and other vehicles on the road. Such a simple arrangement could be useful to save many lives due to accidents on roads and highways occurring every day and everywhere. Illustration might clarify the concept.


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