Smart Traffic System

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It's always a pain to be stuck in traffic jam. The most traffic is at 10-12 am and at 5-7 pm due to most of the offices having the same time of working hour and school too.

Most of the people live in the city where the most facility is available and companies are situated outside the city in MIDC or IT hub.

This gives a general timing and direction of traffic. But still the timing of traffic signal light is fixed and not flexible as per traffic movement.

Traffic signal are not smart and don’t know which road needs the green light the most.

Here the Smart Traffic System comes into picture:

It overcomes every problem. This idea targets the growing vehicular traffic problem. A smart traffic system can be used to automate the signal timings. A LIDAR sensor can be operated to detect traffic at every chowk/crossing. Green signal timings will be decided automatically by the system based on the live traffic data collected by the sensor.

A special provision can be implemented in the system allowing the light to be green for emergency vehicles like ambulance or Fire brigade at current as well as the upcoming signal.

Smart Traffic System will be equipped with LIDAR, a camera and microphone too for better precision and to detect emergency vehicles.

This idea has enormous potential in terms of significant reduction in current traffic menace. Reducing traffic will reduce vehicle on road time and will directly lead in less consumption of fuel and reduce carbon emission as well as noise pollution.


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