Truck Air Drag Generator

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The heavy duty trucks generate a turbulent flow around the truck and trailer periphery but the turbulent flow or high air pressure areas are more considerable at the rear of the trailer or the box or the container. Therefore this invention take advantage of this turbulent flow at the rear upper of the trailer box and admits this turbulent air flow into a box that is attached to the twin doors in this case of study is a dry box.

The turbulent air flow is directed within this door/box trough different internal air deflectors to conclude in one direction that is finally directed to a set of blades that are connected at the same time to an electrical generator that converts mechanical forces in to electrical energy that may be used to load electric or hybrid trucks providing electric flow to the batteries or direct to the electrical motor.

This concept can be located in both rear doors, or may be between the truck and the box, this gap shows high air pressure area.

A secondary benefit of this invention is to create a less turbulent air flow at outlet with a tendency to a laminar air flow.


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