Educational Toy: The Portable Tree J-1

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Educational Toy: The Portable Tree J-1


This innovative design is a toy model with a similarity to the Atmospheric Transformation Project: The Portable Tree which had a worldwide projection between 2010-2020 from its conceptual design to the functional construction of the laboratory practice equipment, which It encompassed different areas: oil, aerospace, environmental, medical, agricultural, automobile, and military sectors; But not only in accordance with this, it was decided to address the educational area by giving motivational talks to society in general about what our new technology consists of, which it applies as one of the possible solutions to climate change with its respective mitigations.


As we have already mentioned the new toy model that we want to make known in the design line of consumer products, it is worth mentioning that our initial purpose was to build machines or equipment on an industrial scale, which was carried out between 2010 -2015., But due to laboratory and field error tests like any project, we decided to make the corresponding improvements and establish a projected vision model with recycled materials applying the 3Rs: Recycling, Reduction and Reuse, thus complying with the Development Goals Sustainable (ODS) of the United Nations (UN), in order to educate the Venezuelan population, however we decided to apply our scale model in 2018 through an email to the toy company: LEGO Services, through photographs and an explanatory video for the recruitment of potential business partners for the manufacture of the educational toy model, l To which that same year 2018 was something great because they thought the idea was great and they invited us to continue trying until we achieved the objective set, however due to budget problems we have not been able to move forward, since as we are in Venezuela the problem of raw materials it is lacking and some companies have had to stop operating in the country emigrating to other countries and the specific and commercial interaction has become a bit difficult.


Due to the need for introductory manuals applied sciences in this case: the fusion of Engineering, Environment and Space. that has multiple languages, integrated into a single product and that is distributed in the different institutions and educational centers of Venezuela and the World, in order to motivate citizens (in this case, children and young people) to Education for the Responsible work without discrimination and thus promote a spirit of Equality, Brotherhood and Fraternity, which are the Fundamental Principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Human Rights).


Study, Design, Construction, Assembly and Installation of an Educational Toy: The J-1 Portable Tree; which will be a Portable and Stationary Plant with simulated components through the association of integrated electrical generators and receivers and constituted by a wind energy system and solar photocells for the capture of atmospheric air with impurities to obtain purified gases, all with their respect. assembly manual in multiple languages.

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