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What I’m about to describe is like a gold mine that has caved in. It’s actually my original patented Aquascooter, a 15 lb miniature gas powered PWC that can pull you through the water in a swimming position, like James Bond, at a surprising rate of speed. It has the power to keep up with Dolphins. For 30+ years it has been the only gas powered product of its kind. Due to recent EPA regulations, you might say, they sealed the mine from further access. I was not satisfied with leaving the gold lie untouchable, I set to work to solve the EPA issues, and get back to the gold. After researching and making many prototypes I have solved all the problems to achieve the next generation, just patented on 3/31/20, a 17 lb miniature PWC Seatrec.


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    Robert Witkoff
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    My creativity drives my life, I'm challenged by what I do not know, and strive to succeed in learning about it. That is why I am the holder of Over 30+ patents for myself and others I have created products for. It is the same as wanting to know what is beyond the next bend in the road.
    Best part of my love of designing and inventing is learning from my failures.
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