Light Therapy S.T.E.M. Kit

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NASA discovered Red Light Therapy in 1993 when studying the effects of red LED light on plants. Fast forward to today where we find dozens of LED based light therapy products in the retail market costing a few hundred to several thousands of dollars addressing multiple skin issues, pain, and mood swings. This invention offers an affordable alternative "Hands-On" STEM kit that allows a child or adult to create their custom grid design in their own clothing with optical fibers for the purpose of transmitting light energy from LEDs emitting 615, 660, 750 (NIR), 850, and 415 (NUV) directly into skin to address problematic issues, numbness, and pain. Rather than experience the inconvenience of holding a device with lots of LEDs for lengthy periods of time a few times per week to achieve results of Red Light Therapy, the kit provides the convenience of any user to create their own wearable device in clothing and also have the ability of changing light frequencies to address different skin issues instantly without having to buy another device. I hope to have it ready to offer to the public before 2022.



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