Integrated Weapon Security, Unauthorized Use Prevention System

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The initial application of the gun lock shall be to modify a simple service revolver, whereupon the stock components are to be removed from the frame. A hole for the pawl is drilled into back of the trigger guard, the pawl shall be extended to lock position then the unit would be positioned on the frame. The special ceramic screws are inserted within the body of the lock, once inserted they may not be removed as they become part of the lock body itself. The inside surface of the stock shall be routed a bit to allow room for the control, most automatics and revolvers have plastic or wood stocks. The stock pieces are replaced onto the frame over the lock. Once installed, the device is charged via an induction charger. The weapon computer sleeps all the time the gun and is idle and is only awakened by a movement of the gun or incoming command module input.

The command module finds all the nearby guns then places them into its library. All the wrist bands of the users must also be placed near the command module when initially purchased. The user may designate for each wrist band the weapons that are in the catalog to be used, when they may be used down to which day(s) and hours. You can keep kids from using their guns during school hours except for an emergency shot. The gun's electronic ID's are secret and only known to the command module, that's how the command module enables use of a gun it puts the guns secret number into the RFID unit of each wrist band authorized use of the weapon. This prevents wrist bands from another system being used to activate your guns, they can't even use them. They also cannot use their command module with your guns because the gun knows which command module it sent its secret number to and will not send it to another without first disabling the original command control module which takes a special factory command.

Once the system is all prepared by the user, they can lock the command module from anyone else use with a secret code. Guns may be added to the command module and from the command module to the wrist bands. Guns may also be removed from the command module, and therefore removed from the system use. The guns are unusable once removed from the command module they shall remain locked forever. The lock mode is passive and may not be effected by electromagnetic or thermalmeans. It tqakes power to release the lock. A new GPS function permits the device installed weapon to telephone a number to report its position. when certain pre-designated protected areas are entered. The lock method cannot be disabled by external magnetic or radio interference as the actual lock mechanism is totally non-magnetic!


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