Minoxy Microclimate Enclosure

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Minoxy is an art affordable hermetically sealed preservation enclosure display system that preserves art and artifacts in an oxygen-free and pollution-free atmosphere that can be used by a novice collector, museum, or archive. The enclosure also protects the contents from ultra-violet exposure, air pollution, and moisture.

This package can be used by any organization (individual, historical society, or museum with little or no budget. No "conservation lab" will be needed. The package is also reusable and has a life of 15-20 years before recharging.

A standard-sized picture frame (16x20) will retail for less than $200 per unit as compared to the $2.67 million price of the original enclosures at the National Archives for our "Charters of Freedom" documents.


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    Jerome Feig
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    Business Owner/Manager
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    In memory, to preserve a fatigue blouse from a fallen USMC warrior, a cousin in 2006.
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