Shock Absorbing Tech for Footwear

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Current shock absorbing technology uses either a foam or gel material. While both are soft and flexible, unless used in a thick manner, they will under time and pressure flatten out resulting in a hard surface. Thickness is an important feature in that the thinner the better for most applications.

In order to achieve the necessary shock absorbing and performance results, gels or foam must be laminated to a secondary substrate to reduce compression. Typically, this has again been another layer of foam or gel. However to reduce compression and improve performance the secondary surface should be constructed so as to have shock absorbing features as well as a flexible base for the top layer of foam or gel.

The best approach to achieve the desire result is a 3D, segmented planar element or lattice system. The height, thickness and spacing of the elements and lattice can be varied by application. Also the elements will contract and expand on pressure acting as a shock absorbing system reducing the impact and pressure on the foam/gel

The TPU used for the dampers is biodegradable and the silicone gel is consdered enert! Which makes the structure environmentally friendly!


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