Car Seat Horn

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This is a concept for a non-stick car seat "horn" to help get in and out of a car. After a lengthy hospital stay, my mobility was impaired. When I got into my car or any car, my clothes would stick to the seat fabric. I didn't have enough energy to twist around and get into place. I took some vinyl and a clip strap, sewed it together and was able to function until I got my strength back. I found seat covers but none were easily removed for other people. Simple, effective and cheap. Every component I used was repurposed and recyclable. No dims. are shown because car seats are very different which is why the straps are common and agjustable. The core could be any semi rigid material able to roll. My idea is NOT meant to be used as a supplemental padding, just a helper when needed.


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    Christopher Nohrnberg
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    Need and simplicity.
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    AutoCAD 2018
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