withINSPIRED Motivational Clothing

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withINSPIRED is a line of personalized clothing that has inspirational words or phrases printed on the inside of the shirt. This is a little out of the box for this contest, but we thought it was worth entering because inspiration for designs, inventions and dreams can start with a small spark that evolves into a life changing concept.

We spent hours perfecting the printing process so as to not show bleed though and have steadily built a following of inspired individuals with amazing stories. All our work has been grass roots and we would spend any winnings of getting the word out and inspiring others to go after their dreams.

The custom WithIN YOU product line lets YOU define what is important to YOU. YOU create the WORD or SHORT PHRASE that begins the manifestation process for you, a dream, a desire, a struggle to overcome. Sometimes all it takes is a spark or a kind gesture to change someone’s day or even life. Let withINSPIRED YOU help start your journey. Let withINSPIRED YOU help you pass on a gift of support.

Thanks so much for your consideration!

Dave and Kelly.




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    Dave Seline
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    Kelly Danko and Dave Seline
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