NextGen Shopping Carts

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Modern times demand a customized shopping experience for the time/budget savvy shoppers. A price check scanner is a common sight in many grocery stores/departmental stores. However in large consumer areas finding such devices and subsequently scanning the intended item is not exactly the most enjoyable shopping task.

However, ubiquitous shopping carts equipped with bar code scanners would be of great value to shoppers.

Most shoppers tend to be budget conscious. Over shooting the predetermined amount that a shopper plans to spend in a store is a possibility and as such shoppers tend to be cautious in selecting and adding items to the shopping cart.

A nextgen shopping cart would display the price of each item in the cart and the total amount incurred. Thus a shopper would have a clear idea about the final tally even before approaching the cashier.

In addition, an overabundance of caution results in shoppers limiting the items in the shopping cart to avoid the possibility of exceeding their budgetary constraints.

Example: A shopper plans to spend $20. However the said shopper only has items worth $14 in the shopping cart. Meaning, the merchant has incurred a loss of $6 from that customer. After waiting in line at the register and making payments shoppers seldom head back to the isles. With NextGen shopping carts shoppers and merchants can exercise an increased level of control in a technologically advanced shopping environment.

To summarize, NextGen shopping carts - similar to the familiar on line shopping carts that are found in most popular websites - is a niche product waiting to enhance the shopper experience in customer driven shopping facilities worldwide.


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