Earphone Cable Management Tool

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Nowadays, the earphones are of a great importance in the daily lives of individuals as listening to music and various podcasts is increasing. This tool has become a norm in the routine and the basic necessity for us. However, in some aspects the earphones prove to be ineffective and annoying at some point. The main uncomfortable part is definitely the problem with the cables which easily get tangled and take an adequate amount of time fixing it. For this reason, a special earphone cable management tool was invented which significantly simplified our lives and is saving plenty of time today. Thus, in the project i would like to design some special type of those tools which will differ from previous models.

Basically, now, i have an aim to create such a device which will fulfil all the customer needs and which will easily step into the world of inventions. Our earphone cable management tool should significantly decrease the amount of time spent by a customer to untangle the earphones (take maximum 10 seconds) and should avoid any chance of the device’s damage. In addition, our new model has to match the environmental needs that is to be made of environmentally friendly materials (wood, steel, avoid plastics). Finally, our tool has to be relatively effective with regard to its size (maximum length = 10cm, width=2cm) and creativity which should really make it stand out from the crowd (some existing tools can be used to make its construction). That is my basic aim to follow, and in the next pages, i will do my best to solve the challenges.

Now, I am planning to analyze some crucial customer needs and apply technical solutions to satisfy them. Firstly, my management tool has to be made of natural materials which can decompose if thrown to landfills. Great example is wood which is not only environmentally friendly but also cost-effective. Moreover, its price should not exceed 3 dollars so that anyone can afford it. It should also fix both pods of earphones which will reduce a spent time and make it comfortable to untangle. The tool should not be created in the way that the earphones are bended, but they should be fixed accurately. For example, it is a bad idea to make a tool in the type of a box which can be ineffective. Furthermore, to make it creative, it would be great to make a pencil the main holder of earphones. Finally, the tool should be non-complicated for particular people to create on their own.

Finally, our main priorities regarding the creation of our tool are found to be: (1) Using pencil as a mainstay of a tool; (2) Avoidance of using a box as it seems to be ineffective; (3) The design in which both pods of earphones are fixed.

If you do not like tangled earphones’ wires we can solve it with simple objects which are a pencil and a nail.


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    Rasul Mamashev
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    The fact that i always listen to music, and i am always forced to untangle my earphones to use them. At some point, i got the idea that creating some sort of specific tool for fixing the problem could ease not only my life, but also the life of other users.
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