Exercise Treadmill with User Biometrics and Child Safety Lock System

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At present all motor driven and motorless exercise treadmills are dangerous by design to an adult user and in some cases deadly to a child or pet. Between 2018 to 2019 there have been 22,540 injuries needing hospital emergency visits and 17 deaths, the most recent being a child death on a Peloton treadmill. The Assault Fitness treadmills are motorless, always in the locked state even without power. The user is the motor, the only treadmill in the world with an auto-lock (A/L) and magnetic resistance breaking system built into the unit.

The front and rear slats on all treadmills are the most dangerous areas. The Assault Fitness motorless treadmill has three safety systems. The first approach, the proximity sensors, wakes up the treadmill with lighted stripping on the floor. The second safety sensors on the rail and temperature probe with thermal imaging camera are built into the treadmill computer. Those sensors are in direct communications with each other and will ask for the user password to unlock the belt or slats. The correct password unlocks the slats and activates the front and rear six slats leading edge of the slat to light up yellow and remain yellow no matter what speed the slats are moving. If for any reason the user dismounts the treadmill completely, the rails sensors and temperature sensor senses no one is on the treadmill. It immediately engages the magnetic resistance breaking to slow the belt to a safe speed before engaging the auto-lock system, shutting off the yellow lighted slates and resets for the next user.


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