New Radon Detector Solves Previous Design Pitfalls & Communicates with EPA!

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Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer; second only to tobacco use; and yet, very few people have heard of its insidious carcinogenic effects; and even fewer are aware how to test for such an innocuous health hazard.

This newly proposed designed solves the problems of the previous designs:

  1. Previous Models did not plug into the wall & relied upon batteries
  2. No Direct Read-out to the User; (previous models required cell phone)
  3. Previous Models did not Communicate the Readings with the EPA via
    wifi / hotspot / mobile data / bluetooth etc...
  4. Previous models did not Mount to the Wall; and Consumed often Valuable, Aesthetic, & Cluttered Counterspace
  5. The Previous Designs to not Mount Near the Floor; where Radon Levels are Higher
  6. No Audible Alarm for the User with Previous Designs

"New articles from the EPA show that 1 in15 houses have a dangerous level of Radon; and, a 2020 EPA study showed, that 1 in 5 schools have a Radon problem.

A nationwide survey of radon levels in schools estimates that nearly one in five has at least one schoolroom with a short-term radon level above the action level of 4 pCi/L (picoCuries per liter) - the level at which EPA recommends that schools take action to reduce the level. EPA estimates that more than 70,000 schoolrooms in use today have high short-term radon levels."

This new invention could not only be used to monitor homes, but, also schools and Government buildings. It would have the capability of communicating with the EPA; so that, the EPA can put together Radon Hotspot maps & and identify problem neighborhoods; and, perhaps, help correlate & link other health disparities to the presence of Radon.

The new design could be made with a conventional Geiger tube; or, be of the newer laser spectrographic design; which, can also, test & collect data of other Air Pollutants. The several unique features of the new design make it actually practical for businesses; government buildings, and home dwellers to practically use everyday; much like an existing smoke alarm. The previous designs sat on counters; relied on batteries; & did not have audio alarms, or user readouts; all of which make them impractical to use; unlike this new wall mounted design, that, plugs into the wall socket nearest the floor; for maximum Radon Detection, and does not require tedious battery changes, nor, gobble up counterspace if available at all, at some locations.

All-in-all; with Radon getting more attention as a public health hazard; the Government could adopt such a device for general distribution to the public and/or require such devices; much like existing smoke alarms.

Please, support this entry for product development; and let's make the future a healthier place; and for right now; please, look into getting your workplace, school, or, home tested for Radon!

Thank you & Keep On Innovating! - Radon Rescue


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