Improving Consumers' E-waste Disposal Awareness by Using Pre-existent Advertisement Algorithms and Online Shopping Websites

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Most electronic components can be recycled. This means the proper treatment of electronic waste could for save companies’ money and reduce levels of pollution caused by toxic substances. Therefore, getting the consumer to dispose of their e-waste properly is essential.

There are two main issues to be tackled regarding the proper disposing of e-waste. First, people usually are not aware about the specific protocol to deal with electronic waste. As a result, a lot of it ends up stored in their homes or mixed with common garbage in dumping grounds. Second, if people do know e-waste should be separated, they don’t know where to take it and advertisement for this is nearly nonexistent.

Recently, online shopping for electronics has increased in popularity. This project proposes the application of an already existent technology –the advertisement algorithms – into dealing with the e-waste problem.

The ad service algorithms can direct consumers to a link to a Google search page “electronic waste near me”. This search leads to a Google Maps page, with pinpointed locations for centers of recovering that type of waste. There will also be a link to this same page on the screen after the purchase is finished, to ensure that people who are buying new electronics are properly disposing of their old ones.


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