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Requirements for the Dart

As a design approach we used the axiom of, "make something you would want to use" and balanced that against existing technologies with strong performance so that a realistically functional and dependable device could be made that could fully leverage the most powerful parts of the human body and natural forces.

This delivered us a machine of unprecedented appearance and real-world technologies that allowed the device to be used as an forward recumbent machine for a sporty ride, yet it can be converted very simply into an equally functional upright seated machine similar to other tricycles for a more relaxed ride.

This is tricycle is for use by people with full to limited mobility , a device that truly appeals to people across the spectrum of mobility to be able to use together equally.

Device Functions

The function of the Dart is to:

  • allow use by people with diverse abilities
  • allow for several different modes of riding either sports or relaxed
  • bring communities of diverse people together on the same equipment to make them equal


The value offerings generally accepted in the marketplace at the moment (pushbikes and hand crank cycles) have their design roots directly back to the 1800’s and mid last century with no substantial improvement. The Dart, is a quantum leap to having the ability to undertake movement by using the peoples muscle groups along with natural forces to be a force multiplier that allows better speeds to be achieved than by normal hand crank tricycles.

The Dart also changes seating positions from a frontal recumbent position for higher force/speed to an upright position for more relaxed riding that allows people to face each other directly strengthening to ability to make closer ties in the cycling community.


The design, incorporating existing technologies, makes this ready for development and brought to market now. Although this is a new take on a tricycle design it is still just a combinations of gears, belts and levers.

There are many companies that produce bikes and trikes all around the world that could very easily be able to put together such a machine, in many places in the world with a good level of support in the community for these types of electronics and electric vehicles.


The range of cycles and Velomobiles (A Covered cycle) around the world is vast and a hugely popular form of transport and recreation.

The Dart represents the ability to have people of different body function be able to share the same equipment and use that in both recreation and even competition, closing the gap in society between people of differing abilities.


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