SelectFlex 3.0 Keyless – The Next Generation of the World’s Only Arch Control Insole

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Named Best Foot Protection Product of 2020 by ISHN, SelectFlex is still the world’s first and only arch control insole. With the turn of a key, the original SelectFlex insole provides 3 adjustable levels of arch support for personalized comfort.

Introducing the next generation SelectFlex 3.0 Keyless insole with intuitive selectable arch support that securely adjusts to 3 different levels. With the touch of a finger, choose from Medium Firm, Firm or Extra Firm to find the right setting for each foot, or for a particular types of activity.

The inception of SelectFlex began with incorporating Variable Resistance Beam (VRB) technology to support foot arches and absorb compressive energy on the down step, then release it on the off step in a sinusoidal motion that maintains continuous comfort throughout the gait cycle. The VRB suspension system embedded in the SelectFlex PowerLift Arch® and PowerBeam™ dynamically lifts the arch into better alignment to support the entire body, relieving pressure on hips, knees, ankles and feet.

VRB is a patented adjustable suspension and joint support technology with the potential to dramatically enhance human augmentation products. The technology was inspired by the human anatomy and achieved by adopting the Cantilever Principle of stress distribution and dynamic support. SelectFlex insoles are designed to mimic the shock absorbing function of spring ligaments and help correct structural anomalies, like overpronation or poor posture, realign foot bones, slow arch collapse, and reduce burdens on weight bearing joints.

According to tests conducted at the Quinnipiac University Motion Analysis Lab, SelectFlex orthotics provide up to 89% more arch support and dynamic alignment, while also controlling arch deformation as much as 65%.

Trials were also conducted in field simulations with Special Operations Forces (SOF) combat veterans at Fort Bragg to assess load reduction and energy return. Analysis of qualitative results revealed that the geometric VRB in SelectFlex insoles alleviated lower extremity loads up to 30,000 pounds per mile, minimized strain, increased endurance, and returned an exceptionally high level of energy.

Another series of studies were conducted at the University of Edinburgh Olympic Test Facility, which showed that the SelectFlex PowerCup™ heel increases ankle alignment and stability up to 50%, helping restore balance and reduce the risk of falls. In addition, the PowerCup dissipates plantar pressures by cradling heels in ultra-soft cushioning, while the PowerBed™ triple layer medical-grade foam pad significantly lowers foot strike impact, making feet less vulnerable to neuropathy and other ailments.

Lab tests aside, real life results are the primary reason SelectFlex is fast becoming a preferred treatment option for podiatrists, pedorthists, physical therapists and other medical professionals. Now SelectFlex has evolved to become an even more advanced solution for treating, as well as preventing, a wide range of foot-related conditions, while continuing to be a more affordable option than custom made orthotics.

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