Who Even Wants to Interrupt Their Well-deserved Rest?

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Every year, more and more new technologies appear and make life easier for a person, without forcing him to spend his time or effort on work. My project is called "Smart Table." I decided to create a multifunctional table. This idea came to me when I realized that it was good to have everything at hand. It looks like an ordinary table, but not easy and ordinary to which we are all used. The table fits everything that a person of the 21st century needs during rest and good time spending.

I think that this will be an important step forward compared to the current level of technology development, as every year there are more and more appliances that replace our things with themselves and take up a lot of space in the house. The following question occurred to me: *Why not cut all these things into one thing and make it multifunctional, and plus make it all in an accessible place?*

Smart coffee table - Without getting up, I could have a chilled drink with a dish (snack) or make myself a coffee and listen to music at the same time. It has USB chargers, Refrigerator, Speakers, Sockets, Interior lighting, Coffee machine. Smart study table - A table where you can study and work. The surface of the table is a screen where you can open several tabs at the same time, watch videos, movies, and charge computers and phones. Plus, by 2025, a hologram will be added to the table. It has USB chargers, Sockets, Display/Screen, Speakers, Sockets, Interior lighting, Hologram image.

It will be very easy to implement this project because of the availability of all the tools in it. Since all the things in these tables already exist. This is more like creating an innovative new kind of table-machine where there will be all the conditions for a good time spending. Therefore, it can be manufactured with minimal cost.

Smart coffee table will have a practical and popular application in the house, regardless of how many people will live there. Whether it's a family home or a person who likes to live alone - everyone is relaxing and spending their time in the living room, where my table will stand. As I said earlier, technology is designed to make life easier for people. Just imagine *a person who lays down on the sofa, decided to relax and in front of him there is a table in which there is everything. In addition, he doesn't have to get up once again to go get something for himself.*

Smart study table is convenient for people who work or study. I am a pupil myself and I understand that it would be wonderful to have a great table where it will be convenient for me to study and then relax and chill in full measure. And so it will be popular in the market among students and people who work at the computer.


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