Prop It! Doorstop

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Prop It! Doorstop is a game changing doorstop that can be placed anywhere between the door and doorjamb (in the door) to keep a door propped open at 90 degrees. It does not require placement on top of the door hinge, like many other doorstops. Prop It! Doorstop is versatile in that it can be placed in the door, as just described, or under a door like a standard triangular-shaped wedge to keep a door propped open at any angle. It is so simple to use!

The main component of Prop It! is injection molded in the United States by Protolabs, Inc. Prop It! was designed and is assembled in the United States by KLS Product Design, LLC. Prop It! is used in the hospitality market and janitorial services market among many more markets. Wherever there is a door, there is a need to prop it open with Prop It!



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    Kenneth Seise
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    As a part-time bellman, I was inspired by the need for a better doorstop to used when keeping open doors to bring guest luggage into hotel rooms. I bought and tried many of my competitor’s doorstops. None of them work well! I was frustrated. So, I designed, developed, patented and now am marketing and selling Prop It!
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