E-Z Flag Bracket

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This is a flag mount bracket system for improved installation of a standard flag into a bracket that is above a person's normal reach. This bracket system enables a person to install a flag as high as 12 ft without the need for a ladder. In addition this system also enables a person to lower and then remove a flag without the need for a ladder. This system is comprised of a flag pole adapter, an articulating spring tension 'ratchet' style bracket and a specialized 'raising' and 'lowering' pole.

Another version of this bracket is designed to attach behind the roof overhang or 'eave' where it rotates 'out and around' the eave to display flag. When not in use it is 'hidden' behind the eave.

In Short: A unique flag pole adapter is attached to the end of the flag pole with a thumb screw. This adapter enables the flag pole to 'snap' into the bracket. The flag now can be raised/rotated up using a specialized 'hoist' tool. This same tool is also used to lower the flag. Overall a new and 'safe' system for mounting a flag without needing a ladder.

The bracket design recommends using a nickel alloy metal and using standard metal moulding practices to create the two main components of the bracket. Other small internal metal components plus spring steel leafs comprise the ratcheting mechanism. The flag pole adapters are injection moulded PLA or similar plastic. A nylon gasket provides for moisture protection. A standard bolt, spring washer, nut and washer comprise the rotational mechanism.

This bracket system is 'patented'. Pat no. 10,223,947 B2



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