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"SLIM"--Flat Key Case--With Stainless Steel adapter clip for quick-release swivel clasp for special-use (plastic, barrel, etc.) keys and "remotes."

Rare vintage NOS patent study working prototype first designed and developed (6 versions) from 1962 (for personal use) to 1985. Hand-assembled with Aero-Quality components and processes--die-stamp; bead-blast; hard color anodize; SS swaged inserts / screws; & colored cross-link polyethylene key separators (to code-program position). Ergonomically* designed for thumb-in / thumb out visual program (stacked-divided) key access and edge protect for store UPC-scan cards.

  • Minimum “flat” cross-section and size in 2-4 Key use.
  • Smooth "tapered-shape feel" to note end for keyset locations.
  • Fully enclosed to protect fold-out keys & cards in "sandwich" stack/positioning.
  • Uses "screw-grip" dividers (to resist screw loosening).
  • Adds "hand-grip" for difficult to access locks & cold weather (gloved)--warm the key...gently wiggle for frozen locks.
  • Center divider allows visual "near-side" (Phillips-head) and "far side" Nutsert) recognition for key use location.
  • Thumb-access "window" allows selection of keys & UPC cards to "read" or fold out.
  • "Plastic-handle" keys can be copied "flat" or modified & installed after plastic removal and 1/8" (.125) hole drilled in stub end.
  • “Narrow” end shaped to fit older narrow key (60's- on)"key guard" ignition switches (plz see pictures); wider end for wide keys.
  • Eleven bold colors to match user preferences and/or aid locating keys—lost or multiple KeySafe sets, ie., different extra cars & colors.

Can be monogrammed ("logo" or "handle"), stamped, screened or engraved for lost/found security or style. Choice of aluminum colors; color match CENTER plastic color.



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    Richard Albright
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    Curiosity, functionality, art, mechanical, historical solutions . . . for problem-solving needs in survival and life-maintenance. This has persisted since my primary school days, HS Science Fair, Industrial Design Degree, Naval Flight Officer, Aero and consumer product companies and a great variety of product designs and personal life-style(s) . . . to today.
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