Portable High Pressure Bidet

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Summary: Portable Bidets exist but suffer from extremely low operating pressure, less than 2 psi.

Line pressure in most homes is 50 t0 80 psi and that is a standard installed Bidet operating pressure.

This invention not only provides for complete portability to be used in any facility but operates above 50 psi for a more efficient cleansing procedure.

One pint of water, warm in preference, provides up to 4 minutes of oscillating pressure at a rate of 10 pulses per second. This pulsation is an additional feature providing a better cleansing operation

The Lithium Battery provides up to seven usages before requiring a charge.

The small gear-head DC motor operates on 12 VDC. The pulsating nature is provided by a tiny piston pump with a stroke of 1/40th cubic inch at 10 pulses per second.

Technical Details:

Reservoir capacity- one pint

Pump- 0.25 diameter with a 0.50 inch stroke- gear head motor provides 600 rpm

Motor- 12 VDC minimum 64 inch/ounce at 600 rpm

Jet Nozzle- 0.025 inch diameter

Tubing- 0.1875 OD Tygon 0.125 ID

Output Pressure: Nominal 40 psi at 10s pulses per second


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