Active Care and Health Car Chair Pillow

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The proposed product is a new type of car chair pneumatic pillow. This pillow consists of three pillows, manufactured with elastic materials. Two of them are connected by air valves. The central pillow is isolated from others and contains microbeads or another filler. Pumping of the pillow will be by a pneumatic pump.

There are three types of work: normal mode, massage mode, and emergency mode.

In massage mode, air from the outer pillow deflated and on the top surface appears microbead from the central pillow. At that time, the air in inter pillow starts circulation. By this massage is carried out.

In normal mode, the upper pillow can contain air for less contact with microbead. But a person can tune it to a comfortable position.

In emergency mode, air from inter pillow comes to the outer pillow, and then the body contacts the microbeads in time of crashing.

Internal friction of the microbeads will absorb the kinetic energy of the body. It is similar to parts of cars that absorbing energy in car crashes. Time of absorption will increase and the internal organs of humans will take less damage.

Application of this innovation I see is replacement for current pneumatic car pillows. It can solve the problem of fatigue and swelling muscle in long trips, by a massage with a microbead. Also, this pillow provides extra safety in car crashes, because by its principle of work in emergency mode this pillow will absorb the kinetic energy of the human body.


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