UV Shield COVID and Virus Protector

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LoveMyUVShield is a headwear device protecting anyone wearing it against pathogens and viruses. It can be used as an additional measure of protection, or eliminate the need to wear masks and other protective means when in public settings. LoveMyUVShield is safe for travel, easily stored, and lasts for over 13 hours using alkaline AA batteries that may be rechargeable. Wearing the device provides "head-to-chest" and "shoulder-to-shoulder" protection following the motion of your body.

The product was created by our founder in the United States who is a subject matter expert in hazardous materials and biological response with over 30 years of service in the Fire Department faced with critical and life-threatening situations. Known devices used to protect a person from coming into contact with viruses typically include use of traditional personal protective equipment (PPE) such as face masks, respirators, shields, gowns, gloves, hazardous material body suits, and the like. Public and healthcare workers consider such PPE to be relatively safe or effective, yet each still presenting elements of risk, burden and expense. Many people also believe present PPE devices to be somewhat deficient and include exposure risks that are simply part of their job or life experience, or have not appreciated there is a better way. We recognize these problems, especially with a background in dealing with life-threatening hazardous conditions, and present a solution utilizing safe and effective UVC light emissions, separately or combined with PPE equipment to guard against virus exposure.

The device may be worn on a hat or helmet, equipped with UVC light emitting components positioned to project the UVC light around or about the face of the wearer. The UVC light operates to destroy or weaken or disrupt viruses which might otherwise contact the skin surfaces (including the eyes of the wearer) or be inhaled by the wearer. The hat or helmet projects a curtain of UVC light so that pathogens/viruses traveling toward the user’s face will be met and destroyed or disabled or weakened by the barrier of UVC light. The UVC light is far-UVC light having a wavelength of between 207 and 222 nanometers which destroys or disables the virus while not causing harm to a person’s skin and eyes. LoveMyUVShield was designed to be effective, safe, and affordable allowing additional protection and peace-of-mind.


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    Petro Tsarehradsky
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    Steve Veneziano (founder, inventor)
    Petro Tsarehradsky (co-founder)
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    Providing real-world solutions to health-impacting problems we all face as human beings anywhere in the world where disease, viruses, or less-than-optimal conditions may impact our health and way of life. Our vision is to protect us from future pandemics.
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