Top Loading Stapler

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Presently with the staplers that are available in the market, the reloading of the stapler pins is a tedious and a cumbersome task. The stapler needs to be opened from the middle for the refilling of the cartridge. Our innovation deals with making the job of refilling the cartridge of the stapler simple and effortless. The top leg of the stapler has a compartment that holds the paper clips thus eliminating the need of removing the middle part.


A hand operated stapler that utilizes a slider at the top to make an opening for the purpose of refilling the staple pins. There is a slider cover at the top of the stapler, upon sliding of which, we can see the middle section of the stapler and the pins can be inserted.
The top slider is attached to the slider of the middle portion that pushes the pins in the forward direction with the help of a spring. When the top slider is pulled back in order to make an opening, the connecting rod is also pulled back which in turn pulls the slider at the middle, leading to compression of the spring. At, this point the pins can be added and after that the slider can be simply released in order to get back to its stable position and making our stapler ready to use.


The biggest and the foremost advantage of the invention is that it makes the refilling of the cartridge with the staple pins a lot easier and effortless as compare to the traditional or the conventional stapler.

Innovative Aspects

  • The pins can be loaded from the top of the stapler without opening the whole stapler from the middle.
  • The slider mechanism facilitates the opening of the cartridge from the top of the stapler in order to refill the pins.


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