Portable Chair Shade Device

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The ClipShade is a product that perfectly matches the criteria to provide convenient, trouble free, shade comfort to the chair users. Whether at a youth sporting event, a picnic, the beach, or an outdoor concert, the ubiquitous use of those now generic chairs is an undeniable, accepted fact. What began as a creative, functional improvement to the traditional folding chair has now become the American staple solution to all needs requiring portable, quickly deployable seating. What is missing? The shade!

The Klearwrap weather wrap adds an additional dimension to the ClipShade allowing it to be used in colder weather with protection from a strong wind or for social distancing protecting the user from persons seated in their general area.

ClipShade is great UV protection for parents, grandparents or siblings (who would prefer to play digital games) while the family cheers on their young athlete. Other audiences include beach goers, campers, anglers, hunters and hotel or water park facilities.


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    John Laws
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    I don't like to wear hats, so I needed a different way to shade myself on hot cloudless days. After a number of prototypes I've design a light weight device for shade and along the way figured out how to add a plastic wrap that would work for cold weather at the start of sports seasons in February and March. Keep me warm in cold weather and cool in warm weather.
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