Chill Breeze Smart Bed

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In today’s ‘Too-busy’ world, sleep is very essential as it is important for people not to wake up sweaty and weary. Sound sleep helps individuals to kick in their day. In hot countries, a sweaty and uncomfortable feeling especially during summer is a common problem. To avoid this problem, we have come up with an air-conditioning system that can be installed in our beds, which can give us a pleasant sleep and help us save electricity and make it economically viable by reducing air conditioners and thus contributing to a reduction in global warming. Air-conditioning releases about 100 million tons of carbon dioxide each year and thus our smart bed will enable us to reduce the impact of CFC emitted.

Our idea focuses on an air conditioning system that consists of centrifugal blowers, powered by batteries and a thermal electric device that works on the underlying principle of the Peltier effect.

The Peltier effect is the reverse phenomenon of the Seebeck effect; the electrical current flowing through the junction connecting two materials will either emit or absorb heat per unit time at the junction to balance the difference in the chemical potential between the two materials.

In this system, the blower and the thermal device are connected to an exhaust pipe that carries the cold or warm air to the thermal padding which is placed in between the cushions and the topmost layer of the bed. The thermal padding and the topmost layer of the bed consist of pores that enable free circulation of the air generated and heat produced from our bodies.

The blower fans are also connected to IR sensors placed in the mattress’s headrest and footrest, which will sense the body temperature. So when the body reaches a certain temperature the ventilation system will automatically turn on or off to provide an optimum temperature.

The IR sensors are integrated with the blowers which makes the system IoT-enabled and will be connected to our smartphones, giving us more control over the air blower settings.

Few existing models are used to regulate mattress’ temperature but our product is one of a kind and is not yet available in the market. Our main goal is to reduce electricity bills and the global warming effect caused due to the emission of CFC, a greenhouse gas leading to the depletion of the ozone layer. We plan to produce these smart beds by collaborating with beds and mattress-producing companies and integrating our air conditioning systems into their mattresses.


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