Multipurpose Laptop Heating Prevention Solution

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We all had observed the problem of heating of the laptops, especially when we place the laptop on the bed. This happens because of the blockage of the vents given in the laptop to escape heat.

Hence, to eliminate this problem I have prepare a design in which we keep the laptop on top of it. These are the kind of supports with suction cups that are attached on it, therefore eliminating blockage on the vents completely.

In this design concept I have also provided the provision to place the mouse at the same height to which laptop is elevated to ease the user, as there are many users who use mouse attached to the laptop. Also in this design I have provided storage space beneath the area on which mouse is placed .The storage area contains two shelves. This storage area can be used by the user to place various things in it like a pen drives, data cables, ear phones, keys etc according to his choice.

As there are already many laptop cooling tables in the market ,but this design has its own advantages which will reduce the cost of manufacture. The material of this design can be wood, aluminum, acrylic sheets etc.


  1. It contains only supports with suction cups, hence no table is required.
  2. It has space to place the mouse at the same height to which laptop is elevated.
  3. It also contains a storage space.
  4. This design is very compact.
  5. We can carry these laptops supports easily to anywhere, which is not in the case of tables.
  6. It also helps in making good posture while using laptop.

The one edge of the laptop will be placed on the suction cups A and B and the other edge of the laptop on C and D as shown in the design picture given. The blue surface as shown in the design is the space on which we can place the mouse and beneath there are two shelves in different colours.

This design comes into my mind as I have experienced the problem of heating of my laptop. So, I thought why not design a system in which laptop will be elevated and also mouse on the same height and in addition to it, lets design some storage space also and make it multipurpose and efficient for use.


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