Automatically Detecting & Wiping Stolen Mobile Devices in Under 10 Seconds!

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Riskut – A New Approach to Device and Data Security

A new category in the mobile device and data protection marketplace.

Riskut is the initial product offering of the ProximID Group, which has developed unique solutions based on security by proximity. The ProximID Identity Platform uses the collection of devices to identify the owner through a constant measurement of the distance his/her devices are from each other.

Riskut – Easy to Use “Protection by Connection”

A way to stop the relatively little cost.

The Riskut app is easy to use. Just download it, use the guided policy development process and protection is enabled.

If the mobile device is taken a pre-set distance away from the owner, an alarm – which cannot be silenced – will sound and the device will lock. If the alarm is not stopped by the identified owner within a pre-set window of time, the content will be rendered inaccessible by anyone except the owner. Riskut* can also alert users if they are about to forget their device – whether at home, office or in a public place.

The Riskut solution has the following unique features:

  • ZERO TRUST – Automatic / Autonomous / Preemptive alert a device is about to be lost or stolen
  • Detection in seconds – Automatic
  • Fully Automated – Once configured, the app is always running, needs no human interaction and Riskut’s A.I. protects content in any scenario
  • Operates through a Power Off – Even if the device is shut down or its battery removed
  • Report of theft/loss – automatic, real time
  • Initiate security policy – immediate upon Riskut theft/loss detection
  • Command to enact policy – automatic and independent of any connectivity
  • Focus – device and content protection anytime, anywhere
  • Protection is immediate on event detection and remains in effect even if offline.
  • Minimal Battery and CPU Utilization – Uses less than 3% of battery life cycle and barely affects CPU

Riskut is our initial product. Our technology can help keep Dementia/Alzheimer patients safe, Automated building row call, Replace passwords and identity, make sure every transaction is safe and originated from the rightful owner to name a few of the possible solutions.

With the right partner we are hoping to give this solution to everyone for free and charge for premium services.


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    From my experience and background as a IT security expert I discovered a huge gap in current mobile devices security offering. All current solutions depend on network connectivity and are reactive to mobile devices getting lost or stolen. "Find My Phone", business mobile device management (MDM) solutions only provide technology after the event took place to remote lock and remote erase a lost/stolen mobile device. In many cases it’s too late. The device is disconnected from the network or is turned off and none of those capabilities will work. I always believed in helping people be safe and secure and I am hoping to find the right partner to help protect us all from anyone trying to take advantage of our lost or stolen devices content.
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