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Helmy is a novel motorbike safety system that integrates IoT, sensors, communication and blockchain technologies. It is comprised of two devices, one of them is attached to the helmet (Hemly C) and the other one is installed on the motorbike (Helmy M). Both are connected through a mobile app (Helmy app) installed on the user´s Smartphone that works with a low energy Bluetooth connection. The Helmy app stores information related to the helmet, the rider, and the motorbike. This information includes:

  • The rider´s personal information: name, personal ID, and an emergency contact number
  • The motorbike´s nickname, Brand, plate, tire size, obligatory insurance, chassis, and a security system´s code/PIN identification number.
  • The helmet´s brand, and size.

The Helmy app was developed on blockchain to increase information security and transparency and all the data is stored in the cloud. With this option, neither the user's personal information nor the memory in Helmy’s users is compromised.

Helmy C relies on some custom electronics with collisions sensors and an intercom that allows the communication between rider and pillion. The sensors check whether the rider is wearing a helmet or not, and activates an emergency call to a registered contact number if the rider gets into an accident.

Helmy M has two functions: First, it prevents the ignition of the motorbike if the rider is not wearing a helmet and second, it protects against robbery. The motorbike starts only if Helmy M is paired to the Helmy app and both are within 3 m of distance. If not, the motorbike turns off after 90 seconds and the app sets an alarm that can only be heard through Helmy C. In addition, the system includes a key fob that could be set up once the system is installed and you have to type in the Helmy app every time you start the motorbike. Only, If the master code security matches the one in the app and the motorbike can roll. It is also possible to disconnect the security functionality if the app is not active and therefore to use the motorbike without the security option.

Helmy is the result of a joint collaboration between Universidad de los Andes and Protraffic ( a signalling transport business). It was developed to engage motorbike riders on safety practices. Helmy reached the motorbike market in April 2021 and 60 units are now in the hands of users. Also, Helmy has two pending patents, one at the Colombian patent office and another at WIPO.

Helmy is a safety system that we like to reference as "the best invention after the motorbike". I invite you to join the Helmy community and share with others how our product is transforming your daily motorbike Rolling experiences and adventures.

For more information, please visit: https://helmy.com.co/


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    Alba Avila
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    Alba Avila. Associate professor Universidad de los Andes
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    Mario Varón. CEO Protraffic SAS
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    To integrate and use forefront technologies to improve safety culture on wearing the protective garments on the road and workplaces. Safety culture connects engineering professionals with a vision of sustainability that involves education through technology and solutions that are not unique but keep evolving with the new materials, electronics and technologies.
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