Fits Perfect

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Fits Perfect is a web/smartphone application for the online clothing market. It uses augmented reality to assess the fit (size, color, style) of a garment on the consumer’s own body. The customer’s dimensions can be determined either with ARCore (when supported by the smartphone) or with full body pictures (to be processed by a deep learning model, also compatible with a computer). There is also the possibility of manually entering/correcting the customer’s measurements. Once the consumer's virtual model is set, it can be equiped with the desired outfits. The top part of the uploaded picture illustrates a consumer using the Fits Perfect web application; the screen with her avatar is shown in the bottom.

Our design provides a more interactive and inclusive online shopping experience than the static, one-model pictures available in most online stores. It is also more personal than ASOS’ See My Feet and GAP’s Dressing Room, because customers can evaluate the fit of a clothing piece on their unique body-type instead of comparing themselves with the available models. The principle of Fits Perfect is very similar to the Oak Mirror, with the advantage that our solution can be used by many people at the same time, and in the privacy of their home. Lastly, our design is much simpler than the software developed by Body Labs in 2013, since it does not require 3D laser scans of real models to create virtual avatars.

The proposed application would not be linked to a specific brand. Rather, it would be a platform to better expose the products of many partner companies, enhancing their sales in exchange of a percentage of the profits. It could be a valuable solution in places where covid is not yet controlled and access to physical stores is restricted. It could also improve the visibility of small branches with few physical stores.


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    Lais Fujii Dos Santos
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    Felipe Gustavo da Silva Santos, Falconi
    Luis Fernando Gomez Gonzalez, Konker Labs
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    Mostly daily needs, but also fiction movies.
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