Smart Module for Healthcare and Asset Monitoring

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The aim is to design and develop a smart module that can provide possibilities for usage in personal health and asset monitoring, wearables, and smart homes. The Smart modules will be developed with RSL10-SENSE-GEVK as the core component connected to a custom-made mobile application via BLE for external access, monitoring, and control.

The main intention of this project is to lay down the development of a baseline module that can be extended to the following without any big modifications.

Smart monitoring and reporting of healthcare activities / Smart wearable -
This deals with the monitoring and reporting of healthcare-related data to a central server (eg: Atmosphere IoT) so as to generate daily or periodic health care reports. The data includes data collected from the IMU (based on various activities carried out) and the environmental sensors (for checking various conditions of exposure).

Asset monitoring -
This deals with interfacing the module with the assets for monitoring its movements based on the data obtained from the onboard inertial measurement systems.


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