Renewable Energy Fan

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In this fan prototype small magnets with strong flux are placed in a circular pattern by a support. The copper coils are wound on every fin of the fan. When the fan starts to rotate there will be a change in magnetic flux between the coil and the magnet that is supported. So that a induced current is produced. Which will be stored in a battery or a capacitor. So that the induced current is used when there is an electricity/current shutdown. This will be more helpful for the people in villages and rural area who aren't able to afford electricity bills for a whole month and also those who can't afford solar panels or any other type of generators. If those people run the fan and stored the electricity on the battery or a capacitor then they need not worry about the bills. They can use that electricity for the remainder of the day.


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    Jeganathan R
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    My main objective is to eliminate the struggle faced by the people while power, who doesn't have any kind of generator or inventor to supply electricity. Also it helps the people in villages who getting only limited amount of current per day. So that they can use that electricity in the remainder of the day.
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