Joystick- Ergonomic Video Game Controllers

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Joystick, a video game controller designed for gamers who entertain us through their streams.

So the important thing which drives me to design this product is "The Ergonomics." We know the Gaming community is the industry that has benefitted the most in these days since the Pandemic. So the main thing which makes this product novel is that it is designed with solid research. Whenever we design something it must satisfy all kinds of human considerations like the finger thickness, for example, it sometimes differs from person to person so to satisfy all these conditions our design should be 95% comfortable to all these users. Upon thinking this way we came across this research paper where they stated that:

  1. The distance between the buttons should be large enough so that they can be pressed individually by 95% of the users well this was considered in our design is that Users with larger fingers might hit the buttons if they are put too close to each other
  2. The maximum movement angle on the Analogue Sticks should be small enough to allow the complete movement of the sticks to all the category of people well this is being considered because if the angle of movement is too large the users with the smaller hands will not able to fully extend the control and this might trouble the users
  3. The Comfortability of holding is also the criteria we considered while designing this, as gamers tend to sit for long hours in their streams the comfortability is the criteria we came up with it is said that if the comfortability of something increases then there will be the increment in the development or Concentration of the work in the easy way if you are comfortable you tend to enjoy the work so the most comfortable the Joystick can give is the Holder. If the Holder is comfortable in Holding then that might increase the productivity of the product.

Hence by considering these factors we designed the Joystick with love of our Gamers. Well it is designed by considering he strength factors too its like I do not want the Joystick to break off that easily so by designing the internal structures too we added up the strength to our Joystick.

Well the Manufacturing of these Joysticks is of the similar methods we find the plastics are Injection Moulded and the PCB is installed. But this can also be 3D printed well that is the added advantage. I Personally think this idea has a marketability as it is the matter of comfortability. This particular product is mainly can be marketable in Gaming Communities only because it was designed for use in this industry.

Well this device is designed by the inspiration of Gamers and i personally feel attached to this model because I myself am gamer and I want these modifications to be made on the joysticks which Benefit all the Gamers; in the world.


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