Vision X - Assistive Smart Glass for Blind People

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Vision X is a voice-based smart glass for people with complete blindness. The glass uses a set of high-definition cameras for image processing and a LIDAR sensor for distance measurement. It uses a custom Soc processor optimized for faster image detection. The smart glass is connected to smartphones but it can work independently with limited features.

There is a vibration motor on both sides of the frame along with a bone conduction speaker. These vibrators help the user to navigate towards the target location. The strength of vibration varies with respect to the distance from the target location. This will be very helpful for people who are both blind and deaf; for them guidance will be entirely based on the varying amplitude of vibration.

The processor along with the battery is placed in the front part. The front side of the glass is made up of a thermal conductor for heat dissipation and the side facing eye is made up of insulating material to protect the eyes from heat and any exposure to internal elements.

Emergency feature:
One of the main goals of this smart glass is to make blind people more independent and their daily life much safer. The glass has an emergency feature built-in. When the gyroscope detects sudden fall and the glass will ask whether the user is safe. If there is no response then the camera will record a short 10-second video clip along with images of the surroundings, then geotag it with GPS location and send this description along with user details to their emergency contact and also to nearby first responders.

The glass has wireless charging and a find-me feature for a better user experience. Using find-me, the user loudly asks the glass to locate itself then the glass will vibrate along with sound until picked.

This smart glass allows blind users to recognize people, analyze their moods using facial expressions, and experience their surrounding environment using audio description in real-time.

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  • 2021 Consumer Product Design Honorable Mention
  • 2021 Top 100 Entries


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