Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

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Acoustic Guitar Amplification is a very big industry right now. Many country singers, as-well-as Rock Star Electric Guitarists are coming back to the acoustic--for that pure and natural acoustic guitar sound. But the quest for that 'Pure Sound' has hit a wall--they can't find it-- the sound they are looking for, the sound THEY KNOW exists out there somewhere in the amplifier world. Many spend $1000's of dollars to try to get it--but can't. They spend hours and hours with various forms of pickups, delay settings, digital effects...but only small incremental steps have been realized. Nothing can come close to the natural sound that their acoustic guitar makes: the nice, full but not overwhelming mid-range, the solid lows without boominess, and the clear highs with beautiful overtones and harmonics are just not there--until now! ;)

The reason is that, the manufactures of acoustic amplifies, it seems, have left a very important piece of sound out of the amp--the sound of the body of the guitar! Without the sound coming from the resonating chamber of the typical acoustic guitar, you do hear a 'quacky' type sound so often heard and dreaded by musicians.

This new, innovative speaker cabinet captures those sound waves! As typical in all sound equipment amplifiers, there is a direct radiating speaker. However, in addition to that, there is an inside driver (speaker) to generate the same resonating wave that is generated in an acoustic guitar. Then, both direct and indirect sound waves are mixed together, to make it sound as natural as you can get!

As shown in my illustration #2, 'PatentDwgAcousticAmp2', the sound waves generated from this amplifier is shown with 3 sound waves:

  • BLUE = Direct Radiating
  • RED = Indirect Radiating
  • PURPLE = The Sound Mix

So, the BLUE wave is as usual, in every amp and speaker cabinet, and is coming right off the driver. The RED wave is generated by the resonating chamber. The larger driver inside does NOT directly make waves to the outside, it makes sound waves which reflect on the inside, which THEN make their way out--directly around the direct radiating driver in front. Also, the direct driver has sound waves coming off the back of it, going through a tube-like structure, then into the resonating chamber. So then, both RED WAVES come out of the chamber and mix with the blue wave, which then becomes the PURPLE wave. This mixed sound of direct and indirect is, I'm sure, what acoustic guitar musicians, everywhere, are looking for!

The way to make this is using standard wood shop and assembly practices found in cabinet shops, or speaker cabinet manufactures, so there is nothing to say about that. It DOES utilize the unique features described here, and so is a 'Speaker Cabinet to Effectively Amplify the Full and Natural Sound of an Acoustic Guitar'

Thank you all for your time in reviewing this!


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