Large Area Silicon Electronics

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LED video displays are a $15B market. It is also the last passive-matrix video device in production. The existing process uses discrete LEDs on conventional PCBs. With a passive backplane, all the image artifacts, drive issues and poor video quality that drove all other passive displays out of existence are preventing LED based displays from entering new markets such as digital cinema, and encroaching on the high-end, large TV market. No active-backplane technology has the required combination of performance, scalability and cost of manufacture.


Silicon on Demand [1] is a novel, patented, and low-cost process for printing large numbers of small regions of single-crystal silicon on large area substrates. The process makes use of well-established semiconductor industry technologies. For active backplane micro-LED displays no active-backplane technology exists.

[1] “Progress in Active Pixel Technology for LED Video Walls, “ Douglas R. Dykaar, Roohollah Samadzadeh Tarighat, Feng Chen, Graham Hill, John Vieth, and Siva Sivoththaman, SID Symposium Digest of Technical Papers, Paper 25.1, 2018, Invited.


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