6G will be much faster than 5G and will use submillimeter waves. On one hand, the higher frequency will support broader bandwidth. On the other hand, because of atmospheric absorption,

Material scientists have made tremendous efforts for the miniaturization of computer processors both in the industries and the academic sectors. Here, we have approached a physical limit of silicon technology, where Moore’s law cannot be challenged. In the era of colossal technological advances,

3D Precision Irrigation™ (3PI™) is an autonomous, sensor-based, data-driven, irrigation system that automatically adjusts irrigation cycles to the changing needs of the plants and trees that it monitors.

My mission is to help farmers and other growers maximize their return on resources while conserving water, preserving soil,

Distributed Queuing (DQ) was originally invented for cable TV broadcasting. However, the first two demonstrations have been on long rang IoT radios such as LoRa and Zigbee. In both demos, packet efficiency rose from a maximum achievable 50% under Aloha, to 98% when DQ swapped with Aloha.

Clock A as in the figure above is quantum mechanically enlarged to clock B along direction XZ in space and time. Light or radiation from B travels with the loss of time due to motion in free space and focused by magnifying glass on say head of person P.

For over 30 years several countries, especially in Latin America and Africa, have been facing increasing epidemic crises caused by the Aedes aegypti mosquito. However, the methods implemented to fight this species failed to contain the mosquito proliferation,

Imagine becoming an expert at activities you have never performed before by simply putting on a pair of glasses. Well, Battelle’s Activity Assistant™ does just that. Using glasses-integrated egocentric computer vision, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence,

More than 1.35 million people face death issues every year due to road accidents all around the world. To be more precise an average of 414 valuable lives have been lost every day. India accounts for almost 11% of the accident-related deaths in the world.

In today's world we need an Airport Disease Scanner.

As we already are facing a pandemic we need this type of technology to prevent a future pandemic. Airport Disease Scanner in which we scan humans on airports for viruses DNA basically this detect viruses DNA in a human body.

To kill the germs on a door handle after every time the door handle is used.

When it comes to spreading germs, the common door handle is a big problem. Harmful germs can easily be picked up by touching an infected door handle.

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