Photographic APRO ( Artificial Parallel Reality Orb)

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Right now, I'm currented working on a desktop model of my Photographic APRO ( Artificial Parallel Reality Orb).

As the name states, it is photographic in nature, but is also the low-tech counterpart to my high-tech ideas in the geometry of invisibility and holodecks, as they would pertain to light-field optics, or my modified version of a light-field lens array.

In that case, there would be a high-tech Televisual APRO, which would work with actual optics and electronics to produce an invisible shell surround an interior holodeck of the outer background environment of any corresponding Televisual APRO, similar in nature to the design of its counterpart. Twin dual-corresponding Televisual APROs.

And beyond a mere televisual artificial reality would lastly be my Portal BHOR ( Bridged Horizon Of Realities), based largely on the current work of ER=EPR and the Holographic Principle and Landauer's Principle of information conservation in my extension of it to the visual forms of information; invisibility and holodecks, the basic properties of a simulated portal extended to an actual portal.

For now, I can only confidently offer a taste of what all of this will be like in my Photographic APRO form.



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    Keith Carlock
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    Invisibility/Holodeck Technology Theory
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    I was first inspired by the high-tech applicable part of my Invisibility ( adaptive camouflage) and Holodeck ( virtual immersion) Theory, in the form of my Light-Interface concept with my discovery of a geometric inverse relationship between invisibility and holodeck light geometry in the new year winter of 1992, and the resulting Light-Interface System, and a childhood friend who told me back in 1998, " Don't just talk about making something invisible. Make something invisible, and then I'll listen to you!" My Lenticular Box is the low-tech geometric proof of the inverse relationship between invisibility and holodeck technologies.
    I'm just basically obsessed with my Invisibility/Holodeck Technology Theory and what it might mean for a more fully complete Invisible/Holographic Principle of the universe.
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