Anti Germ Dome

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To kill the germs on a door handle after every time the door handle is used.

When it comes to spreading germs, the common door handle is a big problem. Harmful germs can easily be picked up by touching an infected door handle.

The Anti-Germ Dome is a small electrical device that contains (3) germicidal UVC LEDs. The LEDs emit "shortwave" germ killing UV light that kill bacteria by disrupting their DNA and destroying nucleic acid. The germicidal UVC LEDs operate at 275 nanometers in the light spectrum (the sweet spot for germ kill). Just as the sun emits germ killing light so does the Anti-Germ Dome.

After every time a door handle gets accessed, the Anti-Germ Dome waits 10 seconds before activating its germicidal LEDS which then shower the door handle in germ killing UV light for 1 minute. In that time, germs on the door handle are destroyed.

The Anti-Germ Dome simply tapes or screws directly to a door. It cradles the door handle in a way that allows for maximum germ kill light angles but still allows for easy access to the door handle.

Independent lab tests prove the Anti-Germ Dome to have a germ kill rate well over 90% for harmful pathogens such as ;

E. coli
S. aureus
E. faecium
P. aeruginosa
C. difficile

There is nothing like the Anti-Germ Dome. It is unique to the world. The Anti-Germ Dome currently holds three granted utility patents with 2 more pending. The patent family is still open. The Anti-Germ Dome patents also cover cell phones and cell phone charging stations.

Have you ever used a public bathroom, washed your hands but then kept the paper towel you dried your hands with in order to not have to touch the door handle on your way out ? If you answered yes, you are not alone. We all know what lives on the door handle. The risk of touching infected door handles is dangerous and unnecessary. With pandemics an unfortunate reality, it is now time to enhance our germ killing technologies. Now there is a better way. Its called the Anti-Germ Dome.




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    Dean Schumacher
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    My true passion is life is inventing !!!! Inventing is what I look forward to in life. It is why I get out of bed in the morning.

    I specialize in inventing toys and games but I invented the Anti-Germ Dome out of necessity (I am somewhat of a germaphobe).

    I am also a song writer as writing music further satisfies my need to invent.
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