TodoDesk - Pen Holder Connected with Display for Gesture-driven Task Management

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There is an increasing number of home devices connected to the Internet to make our lives more comfortable, from televisions to refrigerators, which is known as IoT. Considering this I have developed a pencil holder with an interactive to-do list, which integrates a screen and a gesture sensor.

It will be possible to add tasks from anywhere through a browser, mobile, tablet or pc and these tasks will appear in the pencil holder in real time.

The interaction of the tasks through the pencil holder is done by gestures made in front of the sensor, for example, moving the hand to the right will mark the task as done. These interactions will be synchronized with the web application.

Being a very low power solution, it allows you to have a continuous visual reminder of the tasks you have to do, without being necessary to enter any app explicitly, when passing by the pencil holder or sitting down to work you would already be seeing it. Serve a public good by improving productivity.

Technical specifications

  • Use of a 2.4'' LCD screen.
  • Use of ESP8266 module.
  • Use of a lightweight MQTT protocol
  • Low power consumption, powered by 5v.
  • A small and compact size, impressive in 3D.
  • Integration of a gesture sensor APDS-9960

Innovative Aspects

Currently there are a multitude of task managers. The innovative aspect consists in the way of displaying and interacting with these task lists, presented by means of a screen that shows, an original and comfortable way of displaying a list of tasks or reminders. This will provide a dynamic and permanent information system that avoids the purchase and accumulation of post-its and note sheets in different formats.

Another innovative aspect is the interaction by means of gestures; it is not necessary to touch the screen. This overcomes the disadvantage related to the small dimensions of the screen and avoids the costs and space of increasing the size of the screen.

It would also be possible to implement functionalities such as the possibility of sorting tasks by importance or setting due dates with color changes for easy recognition, as well as synchronizing with other task applications that allow it.

Possible areas of applicability

In offices it could be possible to develop new functionalities, such as allowing other people to add tasks, and thus help to manage the tasks of a project. For example, it would be really useful in companies working under a Kanban-type work plan.

Also, for the home, as reminders or personal tasks.

Market and target sector

Two viable options are possible to sell the product

  • The product fully finished and assembled so that users can use it by simply connecting it to their wifi, and entering the web application.
  • A kit with the instructions so that it can be assembled. Being open source, it is completely customizable, being possible to add new functionalities, or other types of cases.

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    Jose Aveleira Mata
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    As a PhD student of the thesis "Dynamic system for anomaly detection in IoT (internet of things) environments." I study in depth the different protocols among them the MQTT, which is a very versatile protocol to communicate in real time with low power devices providing them with great functionality, this motivated me to use this technology in other projects.
    Being able to acquire all the necessary products in a very economical way, since the material cost of the prototype is very low. Together with 3D printing, which offers great possibilities for prototyping.
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    Node.js, Vue.js, mongoDB, vscode with PlatformIO, fusion360
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