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More than 1.35 million people face death issues every year due to road accidents all around the world. To be more precise an average of 414 valuable lives have been lost every day. India accounts for almost 11% of the accident-related deaths in the world. Surveys say that about 90% of these casualties take place in developed countries. So what we found is that, for any state of change occurring in the human body from its normal state, the pulse rate will definitely vary which is more than enough to prevent the accidents happening due to any abnormality in the human body. In some instances even if the accident has occurred without any human abnormality, intimation of emergency will be reported instantly to prevent the cause.

We developed an appropriate prototype that will be worn by the users. If a user met an accident due to cardiac arrest, low BP, high BP, etc., then automatically pulse rate will be changed. Our device will automatically intimate the current location of the victim to the ambulance when the pulse rate varies from its threshold level (verified by UPMC). It is done by embedded and loT technology. To avoid false intimation, buzzers will be integrated with our device, and it will buzz if the pulse rate changes from the normal level. If the user manually turns off the buzzer, then the intimation process will be terminated. Otherwise our device will make an intimation to the suggested persons and the ambulance.


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    We investigated the incidence of fatal traffic accidents caused by sudden incapacity of the driver due to cardiac and other illnesses. A tragic incident took place at Thrissur, January 2021. The auto-rickshaw driver died near Maradu junction after he developed uneasiness while returning after dropping the injured. The driver reportedly suffered a cardiac arrest and was brought dead to the hospital, according to the authorities. Old age was associated with illness-caused accidents. While this report relates to all drivers, we suggest there should be individual risk stratification for professional drivers with heart disease. However, non-professional drivers who are elderly and who have symptomatic cardiac disease should limit their driving to short distances and at low speeds. Precautions regarding these issues must be taken into concern. Heart disease people can be monitored by their loved ones intimated in case of any discomfort in the roads or in Home. Pulse can be monitored using devices like sports band, Digital watch, etc., are the latest advancements. But it seizes to intimate the health emergency to the hospitals. Severe Accidents ensure the decrease/increase of pulse rate leads to unconsciousness and death. Deviation of a pulse rate from its threshold level (verified by UPMC (University of Pittsburgh Medical center)) will be intimated to reduce such traumas.
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