IoT Controlled Smart Multidirectional Wheelchair

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Disability in mobility can be a congenital, an acquired problem, or a consequence of disease. Improving the quality of life for the elderly and disabled people and giving them the proper care at the right time is one of the most important roles that are to be performed by us being responsible members of society. To regain the mobility, the most common solution is by using a wheelchair and most of the wheelchairs requires the user's hands to maneuver. The wheelchairs available in the markets do not have provisions for enabling the user to reach objects located at different heights (Z plane) and to navigate in multiple directions, i.e., in X, Y & Z planes. Moreover, the physically challenged & eldery people become prone to arm, shoulder & neck pains, due to the long & frequent time use of their hands to maneuver the wheelchair. Additionally, it is not possible for the target group to make movements in multiple directions, i.e., along X & Y planes. Moreover, it is not possible for the physically challenged people and elderly people to pick up an object placed in a rack, on a shelf or other things placed at a different height. The majority of the wheelchairs dopnot possess any height adjustment mechanisms to enable them to reach objects placed at different heights. In this way, they are unable to navigate themselves around. Hence there is a need for designing a smart wheelchair with advanced features and mechanisms, providing easy mobility in multiple directions (X, Y & Z planes), with less human efforts.

This smart wheelchair enables the targeted group (i.e., physically challenged & eldery people) to navigate the wheelchair in multiple directions (i.e., front, back, left, right, can turn around in 360 degrees both clockwise & counter-clockwise) at different speed levels. In addition to this, the smart wheelchair is comprised of a height adjustment mechanism (scissor lift mechanism) to enable the users to reach the objects positioned at different heights, especially on racks, shelfs etc. This smart wheelchair also has provisions for operating it by the caretaker of the target group, in case of emergencies with their mobile phone, through a specially designed mobile app employing the technology of IoT. This smart wheelchair enables the user to move the chair in multiple axis, namely X, Y & Z planes (i.e., Left – Right; Up – Down & Forward – Reverse) with less effort. This smart wheelchair thus aims for improving the lifestyle of the physically challenged, elderly people and beneficial for all grades of the target group in all fields relating to military, hospitals, paraplegic centers or even domestically or during disastrous situations like earthquake thereby making them totally self-reliant and self-dependent with high reliability, comfort, care & assistance.



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