Early Warning Saves Lives

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Early warning saves lives. This is the motto of FatigPro.

FatigPro is a sensor that detects metal fatigue and issues early warning before catastrophic failure.

And what is metal fatigue? It is what makes bridges fall all of a sudden, what makes trains derail, what makes ships break in half in a stormy sea, what makes escalators break swallowing riders and what makes airplanes crack. According to statistics, 90% of all industrial (non-human caused) accidents are due to metal fatigue.

Being such a troublesome issue, why don't we have a solution you may ask?

The answer is severalfold: metal fatigue is insidious; you can't tell a fatigued part from a new one. It looks exactly the same. Even with non-destructive evaluation techniques you can't tell the fatigue age. Also fatigue takes a long time to develop, so you cannot keep watching the structure for 10's of years.

FatigPro is an amazing sensor we designed for this purpose.

It is amazing because it does not need electricity to work. You can put it at the critical points and leave it there for 10's of years.

It is amazing because it progressively tells you how your structure is aging. It literally send you a message saying that your structure has completed 70%, 80%, 90% of its fatigue life.

Since it works without power, you can have hundreds of these sensors at critical points of the structure and know the structural health status in real time.

Another amazing aspect of the sensor is that it works with real data. It reflects the true effect of turbulence on the airplane. No simulation, no projection. Real data.

And how do we communicate the data? Of course we use the battery, but the battery is only used for communication purposes. Which means a small coin cell battery works for 10 years.

With edge computing technology, it only reports when a specific limit is exceeded. Just like the mileage signs on the road telling you how much distance is left to your destination.

It sounds magical, but is it real? You may ask.

Yes it is real and proven to work by independent researchers. We hope that FatigPro will make, aviation, rail travel, bridges, elevators, escalators and marine vessels safer.

We say that FatigPro is probably the most important IoT sensor in the world. Don't you think so?



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