Automated Hydroponic System

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A designed product that can grow fresh food anywhere. Our system is called the Automated Hydroponic system where plants are cultivated indoors without soil, controlled using IoT and operated using renewable (solar) energy.

Our hydroponics innovation allows the plant’s roots to contact the nutrient-rich solution while accessing oxygen directly.

Our systems work by allowing minute control over environmental conditions like temperature and pH balance and maximized exposure to nutrients and water.

Plants are simply suspended in aerated water. A deep water culture system of hydroponics dangles net pots holding plants over a deep reservoir of oxygen-rich nutrient solution. An air stone connected to an air pump at the bottom of the reservoir to supply oxygenation to the entire system. The bubbles from the air stone will help circulate the nutrient solution.

Our system cultivates plants indoors using a nutrient rich solution containing both micro and macro nutrients we developed organically. and artificial UV light without soil. the solution is circled through the system by our IoT that controls the pump and programs the whole circulation through an app we developed. The IoT has no distance limitation as the system can be operated at great distance. Another important feature is that it uses renewable energy (solar) for its operation.


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    Elnathan Ata Nathan
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    Growing up as kids in the disadvantaged part of the north, we've actively been among the 13.40% of hungry Nigerians. Having to eat 2 meals a day was struggle.
    This experience made us seek possible solution to boost productivity in the agricultural sector and provide more employment opportunities. We studied carefully the green house system and thought of better ways to improve on it. This birthed the idea of the Hydroponics which involved no soil at all.
    Using this Improved farming system, It'll will save cost of farming and strengthen local economy. More revenue will be generated hence disposal income.
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