Fiber Laser Pumped With Electron Beams From Carbon Nanotubes

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I present the concept of a laser pumped with electron beams from carbon nanotubes in the process of field emission of electrons. Today, commercial lasers are mainly pumped optically, for example, by coupling to laser diodes or by applying an electrical voltage, such as in laser diodes. These pumping methods also have the disadvantages of being expensive to implement both optical and semiconductor technologies. My idea is a rod or fibrous laser pumped directly with fast electrons. Electrons in the field emission process from carbon nanotubes, under the influence of an electric field of high intensity, are accelerated on the electrode and penetrate the laser rod or optical fiber and generate coherent optical radiation.

This solution has several advantages: it enables pumping with high energies within the limits of 4 A / cm2 and with a voltage of several tens of thousands of Volts. It enables the pumping of semiconductors with a large energy gap, for example diamond. It allows you to get much more power from the laser unit.

The laser shown in the drawing is made of a tubular outer electrode with high-quality surfaces of carbon nanotubes on the inner surface. Below is an electrode that accelerates the electrons. The cylindrical electrodes with nanotubes surround the laser rod and the whole is placed in a housing with a vacuum.


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